Book Dissection Session on ‘Is This The End?’ by Nadia J. Mahfix.

The Photobook Club – KL upcoming meeting!


“Is this the end?”, started off as a portfolio to expose my photography works and to give a better understanding of who I am as a photographer.

The content of the book comprises of black and white images of various subjects but with a recurring theme. My strange fascination with the unknown and the fleetingness of life influences my photography. The subject matter in “Is this the end?” ranges from an image of a dead bird sprawled on the street to a fish cut opened to statues of Saints, among others. Each image is a visual interpretation of my “existential” issues. They are not to provide answers but rather, they are to document my journey in finding what it is that I am looking for.

I end this with a quote by Lewis Hine, “If I could say it in words, I won’t need to photograph.”


Nadia J. Mahfix was a psychology student from some university who has no interest in listening to other people’s problem but would rather spend time doing photography instead.

She is a self-taught experimental “photographer” whose medium of photography range from analog to digital. In spite of having read Psychology for years, she still has some problems with describing herself, so she would rather you get to know her through her works.

Commissioned works:

Personal and experimental works:


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